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Prepare yourself and your employees for any fire emergency! Our fire safety specialists with State Fire Idaho offer on-site training on fire prevention systems. Schedule your initial or annual training course today!
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Practical On-Site Life Safety Training

Our certified trainers have over 20 years of experience in the mining and rescue industries. They’ll use their knowledge to share life-saving skills for you and your staff during hands-on safety courses. We design course schedules and curriculum to meet your needs, so everyone gets enough hours to complete and maintain your certifications.

Confined Space Rescues

In confined spaces, a quick, coordinated emergency response saves lives. Our eight-hour 3M confined space training course teaches students about beginner entry rescue concepts. You’ll learn to use tripods, harnesses, and rescue systems for vertical and horizontal extractions. We’ll also practice developing rescue plans that prioritize safe entry protocols and proper extrication techniques.

Fall Prevention Protocols

Firefighters, wind turbine technicians, journeymen, and other employees at risk of falling from from significant heights can enroll in our 3M fall protection training. This one-day safety class helps students understand height-related dangers on the job and learn how to minimize them. You’ll learn the proper techniques to use and inspect fall protection systems, including how to correctly strap into safety gear like harnesses.

Hands-On Fire Safety Courses

Our OSHA and MSHA-compliant fire safety training includes live fire practice with a fire prop. Beyond fire extinguisher training, our instructors will explain how to handle various fire systems, security systems, and access controls based on your business needs.

MSHA Mining Certifications

If you’re a certified miner trying to stay up-to-date on your MSHA credentials, our surface and underground mining courses are a great option to fulfill your required hours. Choose from classes in metal, non-metal, surface, or underground mining. Whether you need to maintain certification, improve your mining skills with annual refresher classes, or are trying to earn your license, State Fire Idaho is here for you.

Convenient Off-Site Fire Training Services

Can’t make it to our training center? We bring the demos straight to you! Our off-site training is great for large businesses with multi-locations or companies with unique fire suppression equipment. Just like with on-site training, our fire safety professionals will help you and your team identify fire hazards, adopt prevention measures, and respond to emergencies.

Personalized Fire Suppression Audit

Working with a mobile fire suppression system that’s highly specialized? We’ll inspect your fire safety equipment and tailor our training and recommendations to your industry-specific devices for the highest impact, most practical advice that doesn’t waste your time.

How We Measure Workplace Safety

At State Fire Idaho, we make safety our number one priority. Every day, we’re committed to zero incidents. And we always want to do better than average, which is why our safety numbers are far above the rest.

OSHA’s US DART (Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred)

Calculates workdays missed due to injuries or illness. Last year, our tally hit zero—an all-time low. Every year, State Fire Idaho consistently outperforms industry averages.

US TRIR Total Recordable Incident Rate

OSHA’s data point, Total Recordable Incident Rate, gauges injury frequency and severity. With an average of 0.66, State Fire Idaho surpasses the industry norm of 2.1, proving our higher safety levels.


Like the US TRIR, this MSHA-specific indicator applies to the mining industry. State Fire Idaho’s rate has stayed at zero for three years and counting, compared to the industry’s 2.1 average.

US Fatalities

US Fatalities Chart
OSHA monitors fatalities resulting from workplace injuries. Notably, State Fire Idaho maintains a clean record with no reported fatalities.

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