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No breaking down doors. No wasting time in an emergency. Store your keys inside the Knox Rapid Access System so authorities can quickly and non-destructively enter your home or business during a fire. Schedule an install with State Fire Idaho in Montana, Idaho, or Wyoming today!

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Why Install Rapid Entry Systems?

A rapid access system like Knox Box makes it faster and easier for first responders to get inside your property during an emergency, which can make all the difference in protecting your valuables and lives.

Increased Safety For All

With an emergency lock box, firefighters no longer have to forcibly make other points of entry on the property, a dangerous process that sometimes leads to injury. Plus, by getting into the building faster, first responders can more quickly tend to civilians.

Prevent Property Damage

Unrestricted access to your home or business saves firefighters from having to break down doors, gates, windows, and other barriers while they do their job. Plus, swift entry helps them stop the spread of flames quicker, so you can worry less about major fire and fire sprinkler damage.

Keeps Your Business in Compliance

By law, if your business has a fire suppression systems installed, your building may be required to have an emergency key box for first responders. State Fire Idaho has a deep knowledge of local city ordinances to help you determine if your business needs managed key access to keep your commercial property up to code.

How to Request Your Knox Box

Before we can install your emergency key box, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Research your city’s rules about commercial and residential emergency entry systems
  2. Order the right products and accessories from a State Fire Idaho Knox specialist
  3. Round up all the items that you’ll store inside your lock box (master keys, elevator keys, electronic access cards, alarm panels, sprinkler controls, padlocks, etc.)
  4. Decide with your fire marsh or fire inspector where to mount your lock box

Need help? We’ll make the process smoother!

Your Certified Knox Box Distributer

State Fire Idaho is your regional Knox Box provide. We sell and install rapid entry systems for homes and businesses in Idaho and Wyoming.

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