Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems

State Fire Idaho’s high-performance fire suppression systems stop fires in their tracks to keep your paint booth, coating machine, dip tank, exhaust ducts, quench tank, and other highly-flammable areas protected.

  • Early detection capabilities
  • Suppress multiple fire classes with AB and BC chemical agents
  • Compatible with existing fire protection systems
  • 24/7 emergency support
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Comprehensive Fire Suppression Services

At State Fire Idaho, we understand the unique fire risks associated with paint booths. Our decades of experience have given us the knowledge and skills you can count on to properly install, inspect, and service fire your paint booth fire protection systems.

Paint Booth Fire System Design

We work with you to construct a trustworthy fire suppression system that best fits your paint booth and its one-of-a-kind hazards. From considering the layout and flow to optimizing nozzle placement and integration with existing infrastructure, we ensure your paint booth has a customized and effective fire safety solution to keep your valuables and people safe.

Paint Booth Suppression System Installation

Our experienced team will develop a comprehensive installation plan after conducting a thorough risk assessment of your paint booth. With the strategy in place and necessary permits obtained, our technicians then begin putting in your paint booth fire suppression system. From running the piping network and connecting nozzles to mounting clean agent cylinders and integrating it with other fire protection systems, we handle every aspect of the installation process.

Fire Safety Inspections & Testing for Paint Booths

To ensure the reliability and functionality of your paint booth fire suppression system, our installers will conduct rigorous inspections and testing procedures. We meticulously check the system’s integrity, pressure levels, and response to fire detection signals. Additionally, we offer routine inspections and cylinder pressure tests to keep your paint booth fire suppression system in working condition.

Paint Booth Fire Protection Maintenance

We take pride in providing comprehensive support for your paint booth fire suppression system throughout its lifespan. Our maintenance services cover recharging, replacement parts for expired components, and any other ongoing maintenance needs. If you decide to upgrade your paint booth fire suppression system, we also offer retrofitting.

Fire Suppression System Emergency Repairs

With State Fire Idaho, you can rely on our 24/7 emergency response team for prompt support and repair services. Our trained fire protection experts can expertly talk you through a fire emergency in your paint booth. And because these environments carry a high fire risk when not working properly, your critical service requests always receive first priority.

Our Paint Booth Fire Protection Affiliations

When it comes to paint booth fire suppression systems, State Fire Idaho is dedicated to offering industry-leading solutions through partnerships with renowned manufacturers in the fire protection industry.

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