Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Stop the spread of grease fires at your cooking station before it’s too late. The dependable kitchen fire suppression systems at State Fire Idaho detect and contain flames faster so your cooks and equipment stay safe.

  • Easy-to-use, automatic activation
  • Specialized suppression agents — wet chemicals and foam
  • Integrated safety features like gas shut-off valves
  • 24/7 emergency services
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Kitchen Fire Suppression Services

No matter which fire suppression system your kitchen needs, State Fire Idaho has a team of fire experts to install and service your restaurant fire suppression system.

Custom Kitchen Systems Design

Our kitchen fire suppression systems are tailored to the unique needs and layout of your commercial kitchen. Our fire safety specialists consider the size of your cooking area, type of appliances, and specific fire hazards present to develop a customized design with optimal coverage and protection.

Kitchen Protection Equipment Installation

Once we’ve designed the ideal fire suppression system for your commercial kitchen, our experts run a comprehensive risk assessment of your kitchen and map out the equipment and placement of each component to your kitchen suppression system. Then, our certified technicians arrive on-site to run pipping throughout the kitchen, strategically place nozzles above cooking equipment and other high-risk areas, mounting fire suppression cylinders in accessible locations, and connecting the system to control panels, detection devices, and the electrical or gas supplies.

Kitchen Safety Inspections & Testing

Besides the initial system testing to verify your equipment has been installed correctly, State Fire Idaho offers routine inspections to your fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and all other components to your kitchen suppression system. Kitchen fire systems should be inspected and tested every six months or any time a change has been made to your cooking line. Our expert technicians follow a thorough 37-step checklist to catch even the smallest flaws.

Kitchen Suppression System Maintenance

At State Fire Idaho, we provide comprehensive maintenance services to keep your fire suppression system in top condition throughout its lifespan. From recharging services to replacement parts, we’re here to fill your ongoing maintenance needs. If you’re ever considering an upgrade to your fire suppression system, we also offer retrofitting services to ensure your equipment stays up-to-date with the latest fire safety standards.

Fire Suppression System Emergency Repairs

Looking for around-the-clock support and repair services for your commercial kitchen? Every one of our fire suppression systems is backed by 24/7 emergency services. Our trained fire protection specialists will guide you through a fire emergency with confidence, efficiency, and speed. Plus, our repair technicians understand the heightened risk of special hazard areas like restaurants, so they do their best to prioritize your service requests.

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Our Kitchen Protection Affiliations

State Fire Idaho maintains strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers in the fire protection sector, ensuring that our customers have access to premium kitchen fire suppression systems

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