Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

State Fire Idaho’s best-in-class clean agent systems safely put out fires without leaving a harmful residue to protect data centers, document storage, and delicate rooms like never before.

  • Rapid fire suppression, zero water damage
  • Non-toxic agents safe for people, equipment, and the planet
  • Customizable designs and retrofitting
  • 24/7 emergency response services
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Clean Agent System Services

State Fire Idaho offers a comprehensive range of services for clean agent fire suppression systems, including expert design and installation, thorough inspections and testing, reliable maintenance and servicing, and more.

Fire Suppression System Design

We ensure your clean agent fire suppression systems are tailored to the specific needs and fire risks of your hospital, archives, chemical facility, or other special hazard areas. Our fire suppression specialists consider building layout, flow, nozzle placement, integration with your existing infrastructure, and so much more to supply or engineer a clean agent fire suppression system perfect for you.

Fire Suppression System Installation

Once our team has created or sourced the clean agent system to fit your needs, we’ll develop a detailed plan and risk assessment of your facility and its hazardous rooms. This allows us the map the building and optimize placement of your fire safety equipment. After everyone is happy with the strategy and permits arrive, our technicians run the piping network, connect nozzles, mount clean agent cylinders, wire control panels, and integrate it with your other fire protection systems.

Fire Suppression System Inspections & Testing

To make sure the fire suppression system is working as it should, our installers will thoroughly complete a variety of functional inspections to test the system’s integrity, pressure, and response to fire detection signals. From there, we’re also happy to schedule routine inspections and cylinder pressure tests for your clean agent fire suppression systems.

Fire Suppression System Maintenance

We stand by our products, servicing them from the beginning of their lifespan to the end. Whether you need recharging services, replacement parts for expired components, or any other ongoing maintenance for your clean agent systems, State Fire Idaho is here to help. We also offer retrofitting should your facility decide it’s time for an upgrade!

Fire Suppression System Emergency Repairs

Looking for around-the-clock support and repair services? Every clean agent fire suppression system is backed by our 24/7 emergency response team. These trained fire protection experts can guide you through a fire emergency with confidence, efficiency, and speed. Plus, our repair technicians understand the heightened risk of special hazard rooms, so they work quickly to respond to your service requests.

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