Special Hazard Fire Protection Services

Don’t leave sensitive equipment with a higher fire risk unprotected. When a generic fire suppression system won’t cut it, turn to State Fire Idaho for specialty fire protection products designed for your kitchen, paint booth, server room, and other hazard areas.

  • Personalized design for fire risks unique to your equipment or industry
  • Advanced agent options
  • Cutting-edge detection systems and control panels
  • 24/7 emergency support
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Which Fire Suppression System Is Right For You?

Whether you’re running a power plant, chemical storage facility, hospital, restaurant, or another business with specific fire suppression needs, we have the fire protection systems to manage your unique risks. Schedule State Fire Idaho to design, install, repair, or maintain your specialty fire suppression system today!

Clean Agent Systems

Have items that would be damaged by liquids like servers, artwork, or sensitive documents? Clean agent fire suppression systems have fast extinguishing capabilities and require little to no cleanup or downtime after deployment, so your valuables stay protected without water damage or residue.

Kitchen Systems

Trying to protect your commercial kitchen from the spread of flames? State Fire Idaho provides fire suppression systems tailored to industrial cooking spaces that follow tight industry regulations so your equipment, restaurant, and people stay safe.

Paint Booth Systems

Working with flammable paints, solvents, or other combustible materials? A dry chemical system will minimize the risk of fumes and liquids found in your paint or spray booths. Our specialists can recommend the right fire detection, suppression agent, distribution nozzles, activation capabilities, control panels, and shutdown options for your fire suppression system today.


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State Fire Idaho proudly serves communities in Idaho and Wyoming. Find a location near you to schedule an installation or repair request for your special hazard fire suppression system!

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If you have more questions about how to best protect your special hazard area or need to submit a service request for your fire suppression system, contact our fire safety consultants today!

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